Monday, October 31, 2011

Soon It Will Be Impossible to Escape Radar Traps [Video]

Getting out of speeding tickets using a combination of savvy, hustle, gumption, and sheer dumb luck might be on its way out thanks to Cordon, new radar system that tracks with Terminator-like accuracy tracking dozens of cars—and their license plates—at a time. More »


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Pixelated Graffiti Printer Uses Spraycans Instead of Ink Carts [Video]

The Graffiti Research Lab is back again with another open source project that lets untalented wannabe Banksys easily tag an entire wall with a customized dot matrix message. But we highly doubt they'll be laying down the works of Shakespeare. More »


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AT&T gets its first LTE smartphones -- the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket and HTC Vivid

HTC Vivid

Samsung and AT&T this morning announced the carrier's first LTE smartphones -- the Android 2.3.5-powered Galaxy S II Skyrocket and HTC Vivid.

Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket In addition to sporting Gingerbread (and we'd fully expect it to get an update to Ice Cream Sandwich next year), the Skyrocket has a 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus display at 480x800 reolution, a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, an 8MP rear-facing camer with LED flash, 2MP front-facing camera, 1080p video recording, 16GB of on-board stoarge, and a microSD card slot.

It'll be available Nov. 6 for $249.99 with a two-year contract.

The HTC Vivid is rocking a 4.5-inch qHD display at 540x960. It's got a 1.2 GHz processor, 8MP rear camera with 1080p video recording, 16GB of on-board storage and a microSD card slot. It'll be available for $199 on contract.

AT&T's LTE network is in its infancy, having gone live in just five cities so far -- Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. But with the launch of the Skyrocket, AT&T's expanding its LTE markets to Boston; Washington, D.C.; Baltimore and Athens, Ga.

AT&T's got two data plans from which to choose: 200MB for $15 a month (an additional 200MB costs another $15), or 2GB for $25 a month, with a extra 1GB costing another $10. You can add 4GB of mobile hotspot data for an addition $45 a month.

Source: AT&T


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TechCrunch Disrupt Beijing: What?s In Store For Day Two

In case you haven't read through the 50 or so China posts on the site right now, the last day of our first international Disrupt conference will be starting at 9 am Beijing time/6 pm PST today. If you need even more reason to watch, catch Sarah and I above, talking about who we're most excited about in today's lineup.


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European Xoom wifi receiving an update to Android 3.2

European Xoom wifi receiving an update to Android 3.2

Android Central


Albeit a little behind the times, the European versions of the Motorola Xoom Wifi are now beginning to receive a software update that includes an update to version 3.2 of Honeycomb. 

Users in Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK should be seeing the update notifications start to appear on their devices. 

Besides just updating to 3.2, Motorola have thrown in their own MOTOPRINT wifi printing application, the full version of Quickoffice and a couple of enterprise tools. 

Full release notes after the break.

Source: Motorola Europe
More: Motorola Xoom forums

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New Firefox Nightly and Aurora logos unearthed, and how to enable channel switching

New Firefox Nightly and Aurora logos unearthed, and how to enable channel switching
Firefox Nightly and Aurora logos
Later today, Firefox will undergo its biggest developmental upheaval ever. Mozilla-central, the source of nightly builds, will be renumbered to version 5 -- and at long last, after years of wallowing around version 1, Mozilla's rendering and layout engine, Gecko, will also have its version number updated to match Firefox.

Shortly thereafter, Firefox's new channel system will be implemented. Firefox 5a2 will be introduced as the first Aurora build, and we should also see a Firefox 6 Nightly build. While we we're not sure where they came from, one S�ren Hentzschel seems to have unearthed the new Nightly and Aurora logos (see above), along with new About Firefox dialogs (after the break).

In other news, if you want to take a sneak peek at the new 'channel changing' technology that will be introduced in upcoming Firefox builds, head to about:config and create a new string called app.update.desiredChannel -- the value doesn't matter. Then open Help > About Firefox and you'll be able to switch channel, but it doesn't do anything just yet (image after the break). Here's hoping that Firefox channel switching is smoother than Chrome.

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Cotton Transistors Could Lead to Intelligent Undies [Clothing]

A team of international researchers led by Cornell fiber scientist Juan Hinestroza have successfully created transistors from cotton fibers that remain flexible enough to be woven into fabrics, leading the way for garments that could one day be more capable than your phone. More »


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Who Will Win The TechCrunch Disrupt Beijing Startup Battlefield?

What's most amazing about TechCrunch Disrupt Beijing is that our Startup Battlefield format has proved applicable internationally; There's something universal about giving your all in a pitch to people with money I guess. After watching the seventeen companies take the stage yesterday (and blogging all day), TechCrunch's John Biggs, Greg Kumparak and I went backstage, exhausted and inspired, to discuss our favorites.


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Android Theme Review: Ice Cream Sandwich CM7 Theme

YouTube link for mobile viewing

Ed. note: This theme requires use of the Theme Chooser.

When Google finally unveiled Ice Cream Sandwich to the world, we all knew it was going to be the new hotness. How much it changed things, though, I'm not sure anyone could have really predicted. Fortunately, it didn't matter. Once the event was over, I knew I wanted it, period.

Thanks to one enterprising developer, there's a wicked theme for CM7 that gives you all the aesthetic polish of ICS on your current-gen, non-ICS phone. It's done by the same guy who made Tangerine and Arctic Green (to name a few), and as good as those were, Ice Cream Sandwich CM7 Theme rules the roost in terms of look and quality.

For starters, all of the system apps we've come to know and love have had their icons updated to their Ice Cream Sandwich counterparts. That means Calendar, Camera, and the like have fresh, new looks, while Gmail is finally the icon we've become accustomed to from Honeycomb.

The notification bar and its respective icons have been all TRON'd out, as they're sporting the new blue color that was first introduced in Honeycomb and is being carried over into Ice Cream Sandwich. The text in the pulldown bar (such as your carrier, the date, and the word 'Notifications') are similarly colored.

Text on your actual notifications is a bright white, which stands out nicely compared to the darkness of the pulldown and makes everything easy to read. Instead of a 'Clear' button, there's just a blue X, but its purpose is obvious. It also looks much sleeker than the button of Android's yesteryear.

The dialer is sporting Roboto Light (or something close to it) and looks all the better for it. The numbers are in blue and the letters are in grey, but it all comes together nicely.

Check boxes inside menus have also been rendered blue, with a subtle glow to them. (No, it doesn't pulse.) Anything highlighted is the same blue, and the force field that appears when a list hits the top of bottom of the screen is colored the same, too.

For anyone else who can't wait for Ice Cream Sandwich to officially drop (and has a rooted phone running CM7), I'd pick this theme up, posthaste. It's clean, works like a charm, and best of all, it's free. Plus, if you use LauncherPro Plus, there's an additional app you can download that themes your widgets to look all Ice Cream Sandwichy, too.

We've got a few pictures and download links after the break.

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Seven Tools to Make Your Front Porch Terrifying on Halloween [Video]

It's Halloween. Do you have your decorations ready for all the trick-or-treaters? If not, you can still pick up some last-minute accessories to make your house extra-extra-creepy this year. Here are seven creeptastic tools to help. More »


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