Saturday, August 4, 2012

This Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari 412 T2 Is Your Vroom-Vroom Deal of the Day [Dealzmodo]

I had a decent Hot Wheels collection back in the day. Even had one of those garages with the little plastic trays for storing them. Hundreds of cars easily collected and thrown around the room. My own personal use for them usually evolved beyond the race track to alien cars that could speak and fight plastic soldiers and things like that. And I never really paid attention to exactly what kind of cars they were. I had a bus and a cop car and a race car. This car here is really specific. This is a 1:43 scale model of the Ferrari 412 T2 Jean Alesi drove during the Europe Grand Prix in 1995. This is not for the child with a bad imagination. This is for the car collector, Ferrari enthusiast or the adult Hot Wheels hobbyist. And since I imagine that's a fairly expensive hobby, you can grab this one for 71% off. More »


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